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Here is a variety of both practical and informative resources relating to domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation as well as keeping yourself well; be it physically or mentally.

Domestic Abuse & Child Sexual Exploitation Resources

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Plan for Your (& Children’s) Safety

A personal safety plan is a way of helping you to protect yourself and your children. 

Warning Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a loaded topic, but for us to avoid speaking about it or not raise awareness would come with even more significant harm to society’s most vulnerable…

Other Organisations That Can Help

The organisations below might also, besides Rotherham Rise, be able to help you.

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Clare’s Law

Clare’s Law aims to protect you or someone you care about, regardless of gender, from domestic abuse and violence. It gives someone in a (potentially) abusive relationship the ability to make an informed choice.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship where both partners are valued and respected. Having a good relationship can be an anchor in our lives…

Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are hard work; it is common for relationships to have ups and downs. Sometimes, unhealthy patterns of behaviours and ways of thinking in how you communicate with your partner develop…

Why Leaving Is Hard

There are many reasons why someone in an unhealthy or abusive relationship might not pack their bags and go…

How to be a Lifeline for a Loved One

Being in a situation where abuse is occurring is often a very lonely place, support becomes extremely important and for someone to know they have a true friend is important – regardless of whether they stay or leave…

Stereotypes & Myths about Abuse of Men

Stereotypes and myths create stigma which in turn makes it even harder for men to summon up their courage to seek support, thereby increasing the risk for those living in abusive relationships.

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Teenagers in Abusive Relationships

Abuse in a relationship can happen to anyone, this includes teenagers, and perhaps we do not talk enough about these relationships.

The Myths of Domestic Abuse

Stereotypes and myths create stigma, which makes it even harder for people to summon up their courage to seek support

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Help A Stranger

Is there anything you can do to help a stranger who’s is being abused…

Wellness Resources

Challenging Self Criticism

Our mind is not always our friend, sometimes far from it. Learn how to challenge your mind.

How to Set Boundaries

Our mind is not always our The thing is that many of us are “givers”; we give, give, give and over-extend, often forgetting ourselves in the process.

Is “Stuff” Getting Too Much?

We have so many competing pressures, be it work, home, friends, paying the bills, or family commitments. It can be a real struggle when juggling all these plates…

10 Mini Stress Busters

While we cannot resolve something as serious as stress in one go, we can all start introducing little habits and routines in our lives that give us momentary breathing space …

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