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Children and Domestic Abuse

Each child will be affected by the experience of Domestic Abuse differently. Children might not understand precisely what is happening, but being in an environment where domestic abuse is happening, could make them feel unsafe and scared.

Children can be witness to abuse by:

  • Being in the same room or involving themselves in the abuse by trying to make it stop.
  • Hearing the abuse.
  • Seeing the consequence of abuse, for example, physical injuries. 
  • Being manipulated to take part in the abuse. 
  • Being threatened to be taken away if they spoke about the abuse to others.

It’s important to remember that:

  • Children rely on the adults around them; if they do not feel safe with them, this can have many adverse physical and emotional effects.
  • Even if children are not expressing, able to express or show how the abuse is making them feel does not mean they are not affected by it. 
  • No adult or child deserves to experience domestic abuse.
  • Recovery can happen; this can be helped through experiencing healthy relationships and good support systems. Accessing support through schools, early help, stator services and specialist DA services can also support this recovery. 

Rotherham Rise is keen to support families and has experienced project workers who work with families. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or support.  

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