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What is a Healthy Relationship?

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship where both partners are valued and respected. Having a good relationship can be an anchor in our lives, and when things get tough in any way, partners can be a crucial part of our support network. 

Relationships require time and effort, and it can be quite tough to keep this up and not take what you have for granted. This can be even harder when you’re feeling stressed, under pressure, worrying about finances or children or dealing with illness. But talking about difficult things is essential; it is how we strengthen our relationships, allowing your partner to understand your job better.

We all have a responsibility towards our partners to respect them and do our best to understand and value them. 

Cornerstones of a Healthy Relationship

The cornerstones of any healthy relationship are communication and time; it’s your joint ability to talk about, e.g. family, work, how you feel honestly, and the things that matter and gives enough time and space for this.

Good communication helps you avoid making assumptions about what your partner thinks; it helps you understand where they are coming from or how they feel. Even when it’s tough, honest, open communication shows commitment, care, and a willingness to move forward. It’s all too easy to assume your partner will ‘know’ what you are thinking or going through. People prefer honesty and openness over silence and guesswork.

Having a regular time to talk in private and “away from it all” is hard for most of us; however, this is the type of investment a relationship needs to work long-term. If you do not set time aside to catch up with your partner, you can become “ships passing in the night” without the depth and happiness needed to sustain your relationship. It takes time to know each other, also in relationships, and this continues over time; just because you might have been together for a long time doesn’t mean making the effort no longer matters!

Over time it is common for relationships to have ups and downs – it cannot be rosy all the time. Sometimes, unhealthy patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking about how you communicate with your partner can develop. [Learn more about Unhealthy Relationships – click here]

Away from the demands of work, other pressures like financial worries, children, or illness, can put a lot of strain on a relationship. You may be finding it hard to move forward without hurting and upsetting your partner.

When you are (both) starting to see more negatives than positives in your relationship, it can be vital to seek support, do get in touch

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