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Download the fundraising kit - click here.

Thank you for wanting to Fundraise for Rotherham Rise! Fundraising is vital to us, so we have compiled this little guide with ideas, how-tos and more to help you support us! 

Fundraising for Rotherham Rise matters on many levels.

Firstly, being a charity means we rely on grants, funders and the generosity of people like yourself to provide the refuge and services we give to adults, young people and their families.

Secondly, fundraising activities might mean someone somewhere might learn about us and realise there is support out there for them if they are affected by domestic abuse or child sexual exploitation; and this is so important as often the isolation of domestic abuse or child exploitation makes people think there is no support or even that no one cares – your fundraising will show this is not the case. 

Thirdly, fundraising also can be an opportunity for people to talk, learn and understand more about domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation. Through this, you are breaking the stigma that still surrounds it, which is detrimental to those living in fear. 

Finally, fundraising activities can also spring up ideas for others, like your friends and family, who might go on to give, perhaps to our charity or other organisations. Supporting good causes, especially now, is for many charities critical.  

So thank you for making a difference!

Download our Fundraising Kit

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