Mission Statement



The vision of Rotherham Rise is:

A society where domestic and sexual violence and abuse against women, children and men is no longer accepted or tolerated.


The mission statement of Rotherham Rise is:

To support individuals and families, establish safety and to recover from the impact of domestic and sexual abuse, while promoting gender equality to support prevention.


There are a number of values that underpin this mission including:

Demonstrate our Commitment, passion and pride by working collaboratively, being positive and tenacious in advocating for the needs and rights of survivors

Learning – will be at the heart of all we do, as an organisation and as individuals, building services based on evidence of best practice

Flexible – working responsively to need and adapting to the environment to make best use of the resources we have

Feminism – develop and deliver services that address the consequences of sexism and work to ensure equality for both women and men

Empowerment – use an asset based approach to enable people to build on their strengths, access their rights and fulfil their responsibilities

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