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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

A society where relationship violence, abuse, and sexual exploitation is not accepted or tolerated.

Our Mission (Statement)

To support and promote the right to have healthy, safe relationships, free of violence, abuse and sexual exploitation for all in society, helping individuals to overcome trauma in order thrive and grow.

Our RISE Values


“Resilience is to overcome and ultimately thrive.”

  • To foster resilience in people, children, young people, families and the community by working collaboratively.
  • To adapt and grow by proactively improving and developing relevant and effective services.
  • To persistently advocate for the rights of people, children, young people and families to be free from violence, abuse and sexual exploitation.


“Integrity is the foundation on which all relationships should be built”

  • To demonstrate commitment, passion, pride and positivity, showing tenacity when advocating for the needs of people, children, young people and communities.
  • To act with purpose based on values consistently and professionally in every situation.
  • To be clear with your communications with others.


“We are stronger together.”

  • To value each other’s differences and unique qualities, focusing positively on strengths through our inclusive practice.
  • To commit to strong evidence-based and effective practices to benefit the needs of individuals and families.


“To support the individual to recognise their rights and strengths.” 

  • To use a non-judgemental, compassionate evidence-based approach to enable people, children and young people to identify and build on their strengths, access their rights and fulfil their responsibilities.
  • To create a safe space where ideas, opinions, experiences are listened to.
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