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Modern Slavery Statement

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern Slavery is a term incorporating practices such as Labour Exploitation, Forced Labour,  Human Trafficking, debt bondage, passport holding, and other similar breaches of an individual’s basic human rights. At Rotherham Rise, we are committed to ensuring that modern slavery and labour exploitation do not occur in our organisation or supply chain. 

What steps do we take to ensure that modern slavery and labour exploitation practices are not present in our workforce?

Each employee is required to attend a Company induction on their first day of employment. 

The initial meeting is private and usually takes place on a one-to-one basis. As part of pre-employment checks, the employee must produce an original and valid passport or other identity document to prove their identity.

Rotherham Rise’s responsibilities as an employer.

Rotherham Rise takes every precaution to avoid labour exploitation and modern slavery as set out in the definition above. 

This includes:

  • Taking steps to check the identity of employees.
  • Taking steps to ensure that employees are not subject to unlawful deductions and fees from their wages.
  • Taking steps to ensure that employees are in possession of their own legal documents, bank accounts etc. 
  • Monitoring supply chains to ensure that it is free from modern slavery and labour exploitation practices.
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