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For many who are in an LGBTQ+ relationship, there can be additional issues with domestic abuse. It’s one area where there is still too much silence, and people might feel the stigma of their gender and/or sexuality on TOP OF the stigma of domestic abuse. 

Signs you might be experiencing abuse in your relationship:

  • Threats to your sexual orientation and/or gender identity to family, friends, or work colleagues.
  • Undermining your sense of gender or sexual identity.
  • Control or discourage your contact with friends, family, work, or the LGBTQ ‘scene’?
  • Intentionally use the wrong gender pronouns?
  • Deny you access to medical treatment or hormones?
  • Use your gender or sexuality as a basis for threats, intimidation or harm.
  • Make fun of your gender or sexual identity?
  • Using the fear that no one will believe you because you are in an LGBTQ+ relationship.
  • Forcing you to do sexual acts and portraying them as initiating to the scene, for example: “you’re not really gay unless [insert sexual act]|”

If you feel you are affected by any of the above, do seek support! You are not alone and we are here to help, click here to get in touch.

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