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Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse is where much of your finances, are being controlled, you do not have a say over them, or you are forced to take financial responsibility, it also can relate to your employment. 

Financial Abuse, in its common forms, might be:

  • Not having access to your own money like access to your credit or debit card. 
  • Someone borrowing your money and never giving it back.
  • Stealing your money.
  • Taking your benefits or pension or inheritance.
  • Not allowing you access to shared money.
  • Not being able to spend your own money freely and needing to explain everything you buy. 
  • Forcing you to beg for money from friends or family.
  • Preventing you from becoming financially independent through, e.g. getting a job or forcing you to give up your job.
  • Taking out loans, credit cards, credit agreements, mortgages, and/or running up debts in your name.
  • Not allowing you to buy basics such as food, clothing or items that children need.
  • Forcing you to change wills, and property agreements.
  • Tricking you into investments or schemes.
  • Making you sell your belongings or property without you wanting to.

If you feel you are affected by any of the above, do seek support! You are not alone and we are here to help, click here to get in touch.

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