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Case Study: Oliver

    Oliver is 15 years old. Oliver witnessed the domestic abuse his mother suffered a number of years before. This was when Oliver’s dad lived with the family, before mum left him. Oliver was no longer in contact with his dad. Oliver was now struggling to manage his emotions, and his relationship with his mother was suffering as a result of this.

    Individual support was offered for Oliver, taking place at Rise House. During the first session Oliver shared that he did not feel confident talking to his mum about the domestic abuse she and the family experienced as he did not want to upset her. Oliver struggled to understand why their dad had behaved in this way towards his mum and himself. Oliver began to recognise and understand that this had left him feeling upset and angry, this often resulted in aggressive outbursts.

    Weekly sessions provided Oliver with the opportunity to explore and talk about his feelings, emotions and thoughts. We looked at developing coping mechanisms to help manage emotions, and introduced practical tools such as breathing techniques. We also gave opportunity for Oliver and his mum to talk through the things that were important to both of them, in a supportive and safe environment.

    At the end of support, Oliver felt that positive changes had been made, and that he was able to have better control of his behaviour and anger.

    Oliver’s feedback at end of support:

    “It’s not anything to worry about, at the end of support you will feel much better than at the start, and it does you really good to look at the progress you’ve made”.

    Oliver’s Mom said…

    “the support Oliver has had really helped improve our relationship”.


    If you are affected by abuse contact our Advice line: 0330 2020571 or email us: [email protected], for other ways to contact us please visit our Help page – click here.

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