Rotherham Rise Services for Men

1 in 6 men suffer Domestic Abuse or Sexual Exploitation, but this number is probably even higher because men are less likely to talk about their experiences or seek help.

Increasingly though, men are realising that they are not alone, and domestic or sexual abuse it’s not their fault, and that there are experienced people like those at Rotherham Rise who can help and support them.

The recent revelations of widespread sexual abuse of young men in football is just one example of the risks, and how the suffering and consequences are suppressed and carried into adulthood, often for decades.

The example of men coming forward to publicly share their experiences of abuse in football is an inspiration to the hundreds of thousands of others who have been abused elsewhere, to talk confidentially to an experienced adviser, and find out what kind of help and support is available.

If you or someone you know is suffering or has suffered from abuse or exploitation, then please call Rotherham Rise on 0330 202 0571.

We will listen to you, not judge you. We will help you to make positive changes to your situation, and we will advise you about which of our services we think would help you most. These include:

  • Domestic Abuse Outreach and Advice Service
  • Post Child Sexual Exploitation Service: Project Survive (for those aged 12 – 18) & Counselling Service (for those over 12 years old)

Men’s Centre – Rise House

We have opened our Men’s Centre, Rise House, which is specifically to offer support to men affected by abuse. Currently this service & centre works on prior appointment only – if you need support please contact us on our Confidential Advice Line 0330 2020 571.

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