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Refuge Accomodation

Our refuge

Quite a few people don’t leave abusive relationships because of the fear that they’ll become homeless. This is where organisations like Rotherham Rise step in; we run a refuge and dispersed refuge properties for those fleeing domestic abuse. 

The refuge is about getting you (and your children) to immediate safety, allowing you time to decompress and have some breathing space. It is temporary accommodation where you will be supported by experienced staff so you can start thinking and decide what next. 

Video: Learn about our Refuge Services

We have a core women’s refuge for women and their children, and our dispersed refuge properties are for, for example, families with older children, men or those moving from our women’s refuge before moving to another type of housing. 

Our women’s refuge provides 24/7 hour support, 365 days a year, by very experienced individuals passionate about your welfare.

Our support workers are based in the core refuge but also visit anyone in our dispersed properties and are on hand for them, too 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

About the Refuge

About Children in Refuge

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