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Children, Young People & Family Support Services

Our Children, Young People and Family Support Services are for children up to 19yrs of age who have witnessed parental domestic abuse and or young people who have been in an abusive relationship. We offer a family approach service which can include parental support. As with all our other services, we always decide the best support plan for the individual. This can include 1-on-1 support sessions, counselling, group work and activity-based support for very young children.

Video: Learn more about the support we provide to Children, Young People and Families.

When children have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse, we often work with them around topics of what are feelings and what is safety, explaining what they have witnessed or experienced in a way they can understand to give them tools to express themselves better. We will also work with the guardian (parent or carer) so that they have a better understanding of how to support themselves and their children in recovering and coping with domestic abuse.

For young people, who have experienced an abusive relationship themselves, we provide a specialist service that aims to empower them and better understand unhealthy and healthy relationships.

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