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Winners – Charity of the Year 2022

    Receiving the Award

    On Friday, 4th November 2022, a glitzy, fabulous and significant event at Magna Science Centre saw Rotherham Rise being awarded Charity of The Year 2022 by the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.

    As “Rotherham Rise” was called out as the winner, our hearts skipped a beat! Unbelievable and unexpected but so very much appreciated. As a Charity, it is meaningful to have our work recognised by local business communities. This award is significant to all individuals who work hard with passion and care, empowering those who need our support. This award is also important in a broader sense; it recognises the importance of such a provision for families and individuals affected by domestic abuse and/or child sexual exploitation.

    We hope being Charity of the Year 2022 will mean a sense of greater awareness; a step closer, we believe, to a society where abuse, violence, harm, fear and sexual exploitation in relationships are eradicated. A society where people can thrive, feel deserving of loving relationships, and children feel safe.

    We look forward to this award’s new opportunities, working in partnership with Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber of Commerce and its members.

    We want to thank the members who voted for us and thank you for inviting us to an event we will never forget.

    Finally, thank you for highlighting what all too often is still taboo, a complex subject and a silent crime. This support is vital to our services and goes a long way in supporting individuals and families of any gender, background or age both now and in the future and will be part of making a real difference.

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