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Case Study: Lynn

    Learn Rotherham Rise is making a real difference in people’s lives with a case study, like Lynn’s who was helped by our passionate team, find out more about our services to Women.

    Lynn self-referred to Rotherham Rise for one-to-one support after separating from her partner of 20 years. Lynn went to stay with a friend, sleeping on the sofa. Lynn said that throughout the 20 years there had been a lot of emotional and psychological abuse, and incidents of physical abuse.

    Rotherham Rise explored safety and immediate practical needs with Lynn. As a result, Lynn accessed housing services and was allocated a tenancy through Key Choices.

    When we met with Lynn for one-to-one support she had just moved into her new property. We completed a safety plan and assessed her support needs. Lynn wanted extra security for the property to increase her safety, we made the relevant referrals to enable the fitting of alarms and a camera.

    Lynn had very low self-esteem and confidence as a result of the domestic abuse she had suffered. Lynn struggled to make phone calls, address correspondence and to complete actions in relation to setting up her new property. Over the next few weeks, we provided the support needed to relieve pressure and increase Lynn’s confidence so she was able to complete day-to-day tasks independently.

    An important part of the support for Lynn was for us to listen and explore possible strategies to manage negative thoughts and feelings. Sessions also included exploring the dynamics of abuse, helping Lynn understand her own experience and support recovery.

    At the end of support, we reflected on Lynn’s journey since separating from her partner and acknowledged all she has gained and the positive changes that have been made.<

    Lynn is now enjoying life once again she is socialising and has re-established hobbies which she had given up when she was with her ex-partner. Lynn’s mindset changed, she now focuses on the positives in her life which enables Lynn to manage situations better.


    If you are affected by abuse contact our Advice line: 0330 2020571 or email us: [email protected], for other ways to contact us please visit our Help page – click here.

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