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Case Study: Halina

    Learn Rotherham Rise is making a real difference in people’s lives with a case study, like Halina’s who was helped by our passionate team, find out more about our Services.

    Halina was referred to the BAME Outreach service by another agency. Halina is originally from Poland and speaks English as a second language.

    This case was assessed as a medium when it was referred to our service; however, after the BAME (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic) Domestic Abuse Practitioner completed a DASH* with Halina in her own language it became apparent that there were factors which made her case high risk.

    Halina disclosed that her current partner was emotionally and physically abusive, making threats to kill her in front of the children. He also made threats to kill the children, which he described in detail to Halina and her children. Halina described her partner as being jealous and controlling every aspect of her life. This included restricting Halina’s contact with members of her family and friends. Halina also disclosed that he was known to use drugs, and carry a weapon which he made threats to use.

    Halina was supported to recognise the danger she and her family were in, and the Police and Social Care were involved to help manage the high-risk situation. We supported Halina to find refuge accommodation and make the necessary move out of the area.

    Initially, Halina was upset and confused as she felt things were moving so quickly. However, she contacted her worker later to thank her and Rotherham Rise for their support as she felt their intervention had saved her and her children’s lives.


    If you are affected by abuse contact our Advice line: 0330 2020571 or email us: [email protected], for other ways to contact us please visit our Help page – click here.

    * DASH stands for The Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence, Risk Identification, Assessment and Management Model.

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