The Move!

We are delighted to tell you we have moved to new premises, Rotherham Rise continues to be based in Rotherham Town Centre. The move will allow us to continue the work we do and help more people affected by domestic abuse and sexual exploitation.

There will be no notable changes to service delivery for clients, our service will continue whilst we pack and unpack our boxes and make this big space our welcoming new Rotherham Rise HQ. However, as we are still transitioning we are unable to provide for the time being drop-ins, therefore please note that visiting Rotherham Rise in our new building is currently only for pre-arranged meetings and group work.

Our new offices are more centrally located on the High Street, and we look forward to being more in the community, allowing us to spread the word better, reach more people who need support and contribute to Rotherham’s regeneration.

We will keep you informed and updated on our exciting plans for the new HQ in due course.

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