Case Study: Trying to get my family back to “normality”

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Both myself and my 7 year old son received support from Rotherham Rise.

My son was constantly on edge, really anxious and imitating behaviours from my ex partner, he felt it was his place to be the protector (which is a very big burden on such little shoulders).
Debbie worked with him and he slowly became more and more like his old self. He felt comfortable and relaxed around her and she knew exactly how to engage with him. She gave him the tools to work through his emotions and thoughts independently and he still uses techniques shown to him by Debbie.

As a parent, it was fantastic to know I could reach her at any point to discuss my own concerns in regards to my child and to inform her of any behaviours or recent occurrences that he may mention to her. I felt Debbie was very supportive and encouraging and her open and welcoming demeanour made me feel comfortable to turn to her when I needed advice or support without feeling like I had failed as a mother.

My outreach worker was Cathy. She has played an extremely vital role in my life for the past few months. Though I have a great support network, speaking to them about my situation, thoughts, feelings and ongoing incidents was hard for them to hear. They themselves would get upset and angry about the situation and I worried that fetching it up constantly would be a burden to them.
Cathy offered a confidential ear, gave excellent advice, talked me through my thoughts and emotions and it was comforting to know that I would regularly have an outlet for everything as I processed it all in my own mind.

Cathy made me aware right at the start that RR was linked in with various other services so I knew that I could access them if needed. She would text/call if our appointments were spaced more than a couple of weeks apart, to check I was ok. This was very reassuring as I knew I could contact her if I needed her in the interim (which I did on a couple of occasions).

Our journey, as a family, back to ‘normality’ will take a long time but I feel that thanks to Rotherham Rise and the amazing staff there, things are progressing much more smoothly than it would without them.

I can’t thank Cathy and Debbie enough for all they have helped us achieve. My son is back to being loud and annoying (like any child should be!) and his bouts of anxiety and seeming ‘down’ are much less frequent.

I’m beginning to feel more like my old self and no longer feeling trapped in my own mind.
Without Rotherham Rise we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Thank you so much for all you have done for us!

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