Up2U - creating healthier relationships

frustration, anger, disappointment, trust issues, jealousy … Could your relationship be better?

Rotherham Rise can provide you with the support to create healthier relationships with the Up2U programme.

We offer the free Up2U service to anyone over 16yrs who recognise that they use abusive behaviours in their relationships and want to change.

The programme can help you work through replacing unhealthy patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviours and making a positive change.

We offer support to your (ex)partner to ensure that they to get the support they need and understand what a healthy positive relationship should be. We will complete a detailed assessment to listen to you and find out how best we can best support you.

If you have children or live with children who have witnessed and/or who have suffered from the impact of an abusive relationship we can also work with them.

Up2U works in partnership with Social Services and Police.

[learn about healthy relationships – click here]

Ready for a change?

Contact us for support with your relationship on our confidential advice line: 0330 2020571.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping you. We have limited places on the Up2U programme. We will discuss your options if there are no current places available.

We are here to encourage, support and motivate you!

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Up2U Support

Up2U is an evidence-based program developed by Portsmouth Council

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