Do you have a healthy relationship?

Healthier relationships

What is a healthy relationship?

Everyone deserves a healthy relationship; a relationship where both partners are valued and respected.

Relationships are hard work, it is common for relationships to have ups and downs, and sometimes unhealthy patterns of behaviours and ways of thinking in how you communicate with your partner develop. You may also recognise that you are using some abusive behaviours as well.

Often pressures like financial worries, children, illness can put a lot of strain on a relationship. You may be finding it hard to move forward without hurting and upsetting your partner.

Do you want a healthier relationship with your partner?

Warning Signs

Below are some ‘warning signs’ that it is a good idea to seek support and change your relationship habits and take control of your behaviour, as we know it’s not going to make you feel better or happier to continue like this.

Signs of what abusive behaviours look like in relationship:

  • You insult or call names, disrespect your partner.
  • You are acting on your anger/frustration by hitting, punching, slapping, ignoring or pushing your partner.
  • You feel the need to check call records, email, bank accounts, car mileage of your partner.
  • You need to know at all times where your partner is.
  • You find it difficult to manage your jealous feelings.
  • You want to be in charge of all decisions regarding going out, seeing friends, family, work, hobbies, finances…

Feel ready to change? Make life for yourself and partner better?

Join our Up2U programme – creating healthy relationships programme specifically designed to help YOU improve yours. We will support you to recognise your positive behaviours as well as those unhealthy and abusive behaviours you want to change.

Contact us for support with your relationship on our confidential advice line: 0330 2020571.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to helping you. We have limited places on the Up2U programme. We will discuss your options if there are no current places available.

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