Christmas Appeal – Teens & Young People in Refuge Can You Help?

Can you make the difference to teenagers and young people in refuge?

Teenagers and young people can experience domestic abuse both in the family home and in their own relationships. Some will need to move to refuge accommodation to stay safe.

Due to refuges being ‘safe houses’, there can often be restrictions on teenagers’ access to different areas of the refuge, or leaving refuge without supervision. Whilst our refuge has a playroom for younger children, older children often feel like they have that they can go to socialise or have time out away from their mum or siblings.

“If you’re going out, you’re not allowed out by yourself. You need an adult…in my own house they would let me. I would be allowed”


Teenagers can spend long periods without school or college places due to fleeing abuse, and when they do return to education it can often be difficult for them to complete homework while in refuge due to limited access to computers or a suitable space.

Our refuge has identified that teenagers need to be recognised as service users in their own right and have refurbished a space specifically designed for teenagers and young people – ‘the den’. Our aim is to create a safe space where teenagers can have time away from their family, engage in leisure activities, socialise with other young people and have use of computers to be able to do school work.

“Something to do, to get your mind off things.. if you’re a teenager like me, when you’re at that age when you see all that it just ruins your life a little bit because it does hurt you… [I’d expect] to come places where you can go and clear your head…”


Unfortunately, due to funding, it can be difficult for us to be able to get the resources which would allow us to meet the needs of young people by providing them with a multifunctional safe space.

In our ‘den’ we currently have Snooker table/table tennis, Desk and Comfy Chairs.

Items we would like to be able to improve the space for young people:

  • TV / Dvd player
  • Computer/laptop
  • Age appropriate games and/or consoles
  • Age appropriate board games


*Names have been changed

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