Affected by child sexual exploitation?

Affected by child sexual exploitation? What is is and how to access support.

Have you been affected by child sexual exploitation, learn how to access our Post CSE counselling service for affected individuals (12yrs & over)

What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

Child sexual exploitation is a particular type of sexual abuse. Children in exploitative situations and relationships often receive something such as gifts, drugs, alcohol money or affection as a result of engaging in sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them. Child sexual exploitation can happen to children and young people from all communities. Whilst young women are often recognised as majority victims; boys and young men can also be exploited.

It can also happen when young people are in a gang where it might be part of an initiation. Often young people believe they are in loving or caring and consensual relationships.

Child sexual exploitation can mean you might be invited to parties or given free drugs or alcohol and can take place in the real world but also online.

Child sexual exploitation can involve, amongst other things, being touched without your consent, being raped, being asked to send sexually explicit pictures of yourself, being asked to engage via webcam or mobile video.

You may believe that that you are in control or in a healthy, consensual relationship but often young people trust the abuser and do not understand that they are in a dangerous and abusive relationship.

Accessing Support

The effects of child sexual exploitation can have a lasting impact, it’s important, that if you feel you are affected, to get support to help you come to terms with your experience(s). We have a counselling service for young people (12 and over) and adults tailored to help you.

We work with you. We aim to make you feel safe so you are able to recover and to build on your strengths to promote resilience. We understand that it is difficult and complex, our practitioners are both experienced and compassionate so together we can improve your life and allow you to see you are not alone in this.

How does it work?

1. Let us know if you think support would benefit you…

You can contact our friendly team via our confidential helpline: 0330 2020571, email: or message us via social media (eg Facebook).

2. We arrange an initial meeting with you

We will contact you to organise an initial meeting within 7 days and currently we have NO waiting list.

3. Your first meeting with us…

At this meeting, we will think about whether individual counselling is the most helpful way forward at this time. This is a great opportunity to meet, ask any questions about how counselling might support you and what it means.

If… we’re not the right service for you, this is something we’ll discuss with you. We will help you in finding a suitable alternative service that can help.

4. Offer you ongoing counselling.

We will contact you to confirm a suitable time and day for ongoing counselling, we aim to start this process within 7-14 days of the first meeting.

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