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Hygge – Comunity Cafè & Store

Hygge is part of Rotherham Rise and supports our Outreach to the wider community. Also, Hygge supports Rotherham Rise through any profits made on any sales go directly to support the vital work of the charity.

Hygge was created to provide a place where the Rotherham community can come together in a welcoming, relaxed space with delicious food. Increasingly Hygge is also used by other local community groups to provide a vibrant, engaged hub for all people in Rotherham and hosts regular events and activities.

Video – a brief introduction to Hygge – our community cafe.

Hygge also allows small businesses or organisers to book their spaces. To learn more visit the Hygge website here:

“Hygge” pronounced “hu-guh” is the Danish word for cosiness and comfort… it’s associated with feelings of contentment and wellness.

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